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New Designers: “Etnographic” by Greta Castelli

Greta Castelli Etnographic Book Accessori

One of the benefits of living in Milan is the possibility of getting “in the mood” during Fashion Week, enjoying numerous events and happenings –for free!-. And for an unemployed Fashion blogger like me looking for a job in Fashion PR, that’s heaven on earth! Fresh flesh!
A couple of weeks ago I attended a Storytelling Blogging Workshop in the Fashion Hub (which by the way wasn’t what I was expecting). After that, all the participants had the chance to visit a Fashion corner where some designers were showing their latest collections. It was a temporary showroom sponsored by Camera Nazionale della Moda and I must say it was pretty interesting getting to meet designers and talk to them about their creations.

Greta Castelli Etnographic Collection

There’s where I met Greta Castelli, a young fashion designer from Modena. She moved to Milan to study Fashion Design in the NABA School where she recently graduated. In the meantime, she has won a contest which was sponsored by Canon and Camera Nazionale della Moda, besides been selected as a semifinalist in the 6th Edition of the “Next Generation” contest.

Corner Greta Castelli Corner Greta Castelli 

Corner Greta Castelli

Something that instantly caught my attention from her collection was the use of wood in the accessories. I was super curious about it and so I started making pictures of every single detail! It was definitely worth seeing and touching, it had such an interactive feeling.
Greta Castelli’s collection is called Etnographic and it is inspired by the African people’s semiotics -so their symbology-, traditions and use of materials.

Greta Castelli Etnographic Collection

Etnographic is a concept which combines the elements ethnic and graphic in just one word. “The main aim of the collection is to extrapolate African symbols and convert them into something graphic and wearable in the urban chic style”, says Greta Castelli.
It is designed for a woman who de-constructs clothing, and it is wearable from her working hours to her spare time.

Greta Castelli Etnographic Collection

The selection of materials was a very decisive step in the design of the collection. Greta wanted to create a tactile and sensorial collection in order to make people have the feeling of a non- contaminated nature when touching the garments. And it is true! The textures remind the trees’ bark, the living musk or even the desert’s dunes.

Greta Castelli Etnographic Collection

Greta’s intention was remaining true to nature and the African people’s philosophy of respecting the environment they are in even when living on a constant struggle for survival.

Greta Castelli Etnographic Collection

The bracelets, for instance, are made from a dead trunk found on the ground.

Greta Castelli Etnographic Collection

I asked Greta about the starting point of her collection. She told me she was sure from the very beginning that she wanted to use warm colours, almost burnt tonalities. Then she thought it would be a great idea to add an extra concept to these warm colours in order to evoke an ethno-chic feeling, giving the main focus to symbology.

Greta Castelli Etnographic Collection

Special thanks to Greta Castelli (E: for all the information and pictures.

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  • Reply Kashara of Undiscovered Worth October 10, 2012 at 7:35

    I love the the tribal influence! The jewelry is great:) She’s a wonderful designer.

    • Reply Yazmina Cabrera October 10, 2012 at 10:11

      Yes, she IS indeed!! I totally loved the wooden glasses -you can see them in the accessories picture-!

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