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6 keys to talk about Fashion Shows

This is the introductory post of the “6 keys to talk about Fashion Shows” series: 6 lessons for beginners to learn to talk about Fashion Shows. I will be posting them in the following days so you can start talking about what you are gonna be seeing in the Fashion Weeks. I so hope you enjoy it and find it useful! <3

Giorgio Armani FW 2012 by Kevin Tachman

Do you wanna shine with your super up-to-date fashion forward comments?
Do you want to participate in a discussion about fashion runways and still can’t find the proper expressions?
Do you find it hard to explain what you see when models start walking?
You want your mum to feel proud of you, don’t you?

Have a proper seat, prepare a pink & sparkling drink and just have fun reading the following “6 keys to talk about Fashion Shows” series.


Lesson #1: Fashion shows are, actually, shows
Lesson #2: Why are they showing the Spring Summer collection for next year if we are in September?!
Lesson #3: Why do I feel like nothing is wearable?
Lesson #4: Why do they all look like they’ve been taken from a Sci-fi movie?
Lesson #5: I see your true colours shining through
Lesson #6: A question of shaping


I admit it. I didn’t know anything about fashion shows around 9 months ago. All I could say was “yes, I like it, it’s pretty” or “no, I don’t like it, it’s awful”.
If something really made me feel bad back then was that I wasn’t able to talk about Fashion in a confident way. And hey, I would have baked cupcakes for the whole world if somebody had explained to me some of the things that I am gonna share with you in this series.
I am here because I love you. I am here because talking about fashion and, most importantly, understanding it, is super fun and useful. And I am here because I wanna show you what I’ve discovered after reviewing tons and tons of shows.
Yeah. SHOWS. In capital letters.
I have asked some not-fashion-related people about what they don’t understand in Fashion but would really love to know, and this is where the idea has come from. Actually all the different posts got their names from the questions people made.
I originally considered the possibility of naming this section “Fashion Shows for Dummies”. But then I thought: “hell, that would be one of the reasons why I wouldn’t read a post, why would a blogger call me dummy just because I wanna learn? And furthermore, accepting that I am a dummy in Fashion would make me feel like a tiny kid who is definitely not allowed to speak about anything while adults talk”. MECCC! FORGET ABOUT IT!
Instead I am just gonna try to explain everything in normal words and encourage you to start talking and reviewing by yourself. FORZA!
And I am not saying that I have become the new Suzy Menkes all of the sudden, nor one of those fancy fashion bloggers that scare the hell out of me. I am not pretending to play stylist, Fashion Editor or any other respected professional in the industry.
But still I haven’t become Alicia Keys either, nor Poppy Delevigne…

Here we have Alicia Keys reviewing Valentino’s FW 2012 show and totally looking like Lily Allen in the beginning of her LDN video while she’s talking with the guys at the shop. It’s like… can you PLEASE end your sentences? For a deeper understanding of what I am talking about, watch this video from 0:58.

And here we have the peppy Poppy Delevigne reviewing Topshop’s Fall 2012 collection and peeing herself as we can guess from her pose. It’s important that you watch this other video from 2:08 and pay attention to the amazing lady on the right when she gets interrupted by Mrs. Poppy’s FRESHHHNESS.

By the end of the reading you’ll be able to name things properly, talk about colours and shapes, know about some of the Fashion industry dynamics and understand what happens in the backstage of a Fashion Show.
I hope these posts work well for you :) Please feel free to comment and discuss. Any input will be more than welcome!

Sources: Giorgio Armani FW 2012 by Kevin Tachman. Fashion TV,

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