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… but what about a corpse in the dishwasher causing an explosion?

(Thanks to @mazzamazza for the picture and the idea)

  1. Don’t panic.
  2. Take your phone and check up your Twitter account. Somebody has probably posted a picture of blood draining from your dishwasher.
  3. Call your mum for psychological help.
  4. Do not ever consider the possibility of opening the dishwasher.
  5. Call the Customer Service Free Phone of your dishwasher brand and ask them what would happen if, by any chance, you had a corpse in your dishwasher. Just saying. *Be careful, they don’t need to know you actually have one.
  6. Call the police, the hospital, the firemen and the CSI Las Vegas cast -they have Nick, Greg and Warrick, let me dream, holy hamster!-.
  7. Organize an aperitivo with finger food and drinks for around 25 pax -giving or taking-. After all, your house will probably be crowded in half an hour.
  8. Now look at the dishwasher and try to figure out what’s in there. A racoon maybe? How did it possibly get there? Was anybody home before you arrived? Where is your husband?
  9. Welcome your guests with a happy smile and be the perfect host until they’ve finished doing… whatever they need to do. Keep the drinks fresh and prepare extra food when needed.
  10. When finished, call your mum for psychological help again.
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