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These are a few of my favorite things

Snowflakes on my eyelashes and whiskers on kittens! Light and love, Dolce and Gabbana! These are a few of my favorite things!
Today we had the M-Day. Äh. Three wise men came to my house, put all my stuff into 32 boxes and my clothes into 6 cardboard closets, left the bill on the table and abandoned my castle. So, 120 sqm are now empty and my house looks like a hotel suite: not a single flowered dress on the wardrobe, not a shoe, not a book on the bookcase. THIS IS SO DAMN SAD… but at the same time not, because cleaning the house is so easy now that things are gone!
The fact that we had to position the living room furniture exactly where it was when we moved in gave us the chance to bring our beautiful Chinchillas a little bit closer. They used to be in the hall… but now they’re standing in front of me, sleeping while I write! From time to time they move their little whiskers or bark out loud, showing their togetherness feeling to me. Oh, holly furry animal beauties! How wrong I have been by leaving you in the hall for such a long time! I mean, did they kiss each other when I was not watching? Did they bite their tails or scratch themselves? Did they stretch their little legs after the siesta time?!!! Come on, it’s like having a National Geographic documentary! It’s 10 times better than TV!
But basta with the chinchillas. They’re worth a dozen chapters of the biggest book ever.
I convinced my husband to take me to the theater to watch a musical this week. It’s a Spanish version of one of my favorite stories ever: The Sound of Music. I think he was quite OK about it until he saw the price… but my best friend currently works in the theater and she told me that the musical is very beautiful indeed. Since I’m leaving in less than 15 days, I figured out that it would be great to go to the theater! But it’s supposed to be nothing compared to what Milano can offer us when we land.
Still, on the lonely moments I feel so depressed about leaving Gran Canaria (and my friends, and my mother, and … that long etc). And then my German friend Lisa takes a minute to show me one of the most glamourous websites I have EVER seen in my whole Internet-life: She noted that there are two stores in Milano and formerly asked me to go there and buy some gorgeous stuff to cheer me up if I ever get sad. And holly crap I’M DOING THAT. No excuses.
When you jump on that site, that lounge music goes straight to your eardrum and takes you to another world. It’s a fuchsia world with singing puppies and a pink swimming pool with sparkling champagne. It’s so absorbent that you need to buy. NOW.
My favorite “Nail Lacquers” on the website so far are Cosmopolitan and Fire. But I guess these are things you need to try before spending like 25€ for a nail polish!! Will keep you posted on this.
Because you know, you may use the cheapest nail polish at home, but what you surely feel when you open your bag and take your favorite Chanel nail polish from it… that’s a whole new world of experiences. Pay tribute to yourself! It definitely makes you feel special. And I consume because I want to feel special! So hell yeah I’m consuming!
You see? Now I’m not depressed anymore and I feel like going to Milano.

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