Bitch burnt my hair and it took me a year to fix it

Black Turtleneck Gray vest

A bleaching got my hair severely damaged about a year ago. And after that, and together with the precarious quality of the Berlin tap water, my hair just got fried. As in, deep fried.

Living with burnt hair is an unnecessary misery. So I’ve decided to share my horrifying experience with you all in case you eventually run into the same situation and just don’t know what to do or need some moral support.

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How I went from casual to power dressing in 8 months


If I was to write a manifesto about power dressing, this would probably be the preface.

Here’s something not many people know about me: I like to dress up for work, even though it’s sometimes unnecessary.

To me it’s like: watch out, world, I’ve got a badass wardrobe full of sunshine and you gotta see me modelling it. BAM!

Some people think that dressing up too much -also commonly called “overdressing”- is a sign of you wanting to desperately look superior than everyone else in the room. I don’t stand for this bullshit though. I believe you should get your strength from the things that make you feel like the very best version of yourself. And if fashion can play the part, then why wouldn’t you give it a go?

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Best DIY Bralette tutorials ever

DIY Lace Bralette

If you’re a bralette enthusiast -same as I am, even though they tend to remind me of this– you will probably find these three DIYs SO handy.

Yeah, I still believe someday I will wake up having a fashion empire the size of Victoria Beckham’s. Then I will recall this very moment when I decided I was gonna create bralettes from scratch and will think: oh girl, you made it.

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No harm is done. Yet.

I’ve ultimately been so much into this song that my neighbours are starting to wonder if something happened to me. As in, “wow have you seen Yazmina or heard from her? There’s this song playing in an annoying loop for days in the building and the music’s definitely coming from her place! Should we like, call the police or something?”.

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How I overcame breast size insecurity

Lace Bralette

Dear 12-year-old me,

it’s September 1998 and it’s your first day of school after 3 months of holiday. For years you’ve seen the big girls returning from their vacays having been kissed by some guy named Carlos, showcasing beautiful longer hair, and displaying BIGGER boobs.

Ah, the boobs.

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It takes some courage

Perfect freckles

Ten years ago I met who nowadays is my best friend.

It was at a concert in Spain. When I saw her, I knew immediately that we were made for one another. She was wearing a pair of worn out bell bottom denim trousers and a crop top. Her hair was long and red. She had soft waves and fresh cut bangs.

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