The skin I'm in

Sunday reload

Sunday Reload

Sundays are for beauty what the 1st January is to a new year. Streets are empty, everybody’s so hangover you barely get any texts… And your skin is dehydrated desperately screaming for some healthy drugs.

Before the next week starts I like to go on a spa trip to our bathroom to do some proper skin care. We’re lucky enough to have beautiful green marble covering the walls. So it really does feel like I’m at a place that’s not my own, which I really enjoy.

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I always hit the gym with my Prada bag

Girl with a Banjo Style Tips - White Prada Bag and Loewe Scarf

… and a few other style tips, tricks and confessions I never really told anyone.

There are some things that keep the universe together: the laws of Physics, gravity, Nutella… But it is actually cheap mascara, second hand stores and style tips that make for a truly meaningful life.

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Varsity dreams


The heat in Berlin makes me vulnerable. In only four days I’ve probably styled all the shorts I own on multiple occasions: from grocery shopping to sunbathing at a park, all the way to hanging out with friends at a grill party or beer drinking on the rooftop.

I came across a couple of pictures that made me feel an unprecedented nostalgia. And I say unprecedented because I never wore varsity clothing in my younger years. Mostly because I was never in one of those American high schools where your team has its very own branding. That really isn’t a thing in Spain at all.

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The skin I'm in

Aesop Skin care routine

Aēsop skin routine

Ya know, I’ve become one of those people who consume cosmetics by the aesthetics of the packaging. Somewhere in my brain, the effect of a product is directly proportional to its branding.

Of course then there’s the slight possibility that my skin may be allergic to parsley seed bottled in a sophisticated amber container. BUT that’s a risk I have to live with.

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If I showed a picture of Veronika Heilbrunner to my best friend and I dared to say I love her style, Nira would go on a rant against me right away. I’d probably attempt to fight back, but ya know, I can’t beat a Spanish red-haired with a temper.

At the end of the day I wouldn’t really mind anyways.

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Banjo Decor: Scandinavian Kitchen accessories


We’re true low-cost Scandinavian interior design addicts. So when we moved from Milan to Berlin in August 2013 and encountered an empty place, we didn’t think it through and furnished the entire apartment with IKEA stuff. We needed it quick and simple. No decoration at all: just functional furniture hanging around randomly.

Since I have a lot of free time in my hands I’m just on a quest to redesign this lovely 83-sqm apartment in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. I’ve been busy at it since the 1st April and I’m starting to feel like I’ve reached a cool point. Soon I’ll be able to show you guys how it’s all looking like!

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The Banjo Beats

Banjo Beats: Habits of my Heart

Being a blogger again makes me feel cozy AF. That’s why I have the same playlist on repeat since the 1st of April.

Today I’m sharing with you “Habits of my Heart” by James Young. The lyrics sorta make me feel like I’m trapped forever in that sketchy red room from 50 shades of Grey, but if I forget about them then I’m warm and fuzzy and in love again.


On the wall

Skin reveal

Black and white skin reveal

I’ve been working a lot on Girl with a Banjo recently in order to give it a deeper purpose. Ya know, I’ve had this blog since January 2012 and it’s gone through a lot of ups and downs – but it’s time to do something about it! I’ve even activated an Instagram account exclusively for the blog and I’m on Snapchat under @girlwithabanjo. Go say hi over there, I’d love to see you!

Meanwhile I discovered this gorgeous set of photographs that have an understated sense of natural sexiness I’m currently obsessed with.

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On the wall

Canyon pink

Canyon Pink

I’ve recently come across multiple signs that point at canyon pink becoming a hit for intimates and swimwear in no time.

A hue that’s intrinsically warm, it combines the sun bleached semitones with some more elemental, fiery shades like red and brown.

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Basic perfection


Is it just me or does everybody else have issues finding a good basic white tee?

Every new season marks the beginning of what I like to call “the hunt of the basics”. It consists on checking on the quality of your old basics to then realise you eventually have to rebuy most of them.

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