How I overcame breast size insecurity

Lace Bralette

Dear 12-year-old me,

it’s September 1998 and it’s your first day of school after 3 months of holiday. For years you’ve seen the big girls returning from their vacays having been kissed by some guy named Carlos, showcasing beautiful longer hair, and displaying BIGGER boobs.

Ah, the boobs.

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Lala Berlin SS15

I spotted this lookbook in Pinterest just a couple of days ago and I LOVED it. The brand is called lala Berlin and they are a, well, Berlin-based brand that is getting cooler and cooler as time passes by.

Their store in Berlin is a lifestyle experience on its own. And though it’s a little bit overpriced if you are a Zara-& Other Stories-COS freak like I am, it’s worth paying a visit. Specially if they are on sales. Their stuff is SO good!

I leave you their  SS15 lookbook here above. I’d love to tell you that the style “looks so Berlin” but it doesn’t, really. Berlin style is a lot more casual, hipster and trashy (in a good way), a style that doesn’t look put together but that still has an irresistible appeal to it. Instead, lala Berlin offers an updated reinterpretation of leisure wear with a “cool girl” allure I personally can’t resist. I find this collection sexy and inviting, with numerous references to other right-now staples like denim jackets or white leather bikers.

Visit lala Berlin in Berlin Mitte or Copenhagen. Addresses here.


It takes some courage

Ten years ago I met who nowadays is my best friend.

It was at a concert in Spain. When I saw her, I knew immediately that we were made for one another. She was wearing a pair of worn out bell bottom denim trousers and a crop top. Her hair was long and red. She had soft waves and fresh cut bangs.

Perfect freckles

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Laid-back appeal

Katharina Damm By Jonas Bie

I find so fascinating how some girls can look super cool with their hair down and nothing but a t-shirt on. (Did I just quote Jessica Simpson here?).

Then comes the white. And the wood. And the natural colours and textures. Then there’s denim, Midsummer sun, heritage flare. Oh, and some seriously cool bikers I myself don’t seem to be able to find in Berlin for less than 150€. Cause yeah, this editorial may have been shot for a Danish magazine: yet the looks are SO Berlin.

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In baguettes we trust

Drake Burnette By Will Davidson

Despite all the obvious parisian looks available for you in this retro-inspired editorial, I can’t help but feel a butterfly in my stomach whenever I see it. Can you feel (the love tonight) too?

I guess Paris is a destination I always keep in mind either during the winter (longing for springtime) or during the summer (longing for orange autumn leaves). I might plan a short getaway to the city of love in a little while. Mandatory luggage pieces include: striped knit, high-waisted pants, mini-dots scarf, dungarees and white shirt, ballerinas, definitely no hair brush (bed head forever) and a hat. Oh the hat.

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Free Spirited Girls


After quite a bumpy week of awards gossip, drag racings, Haute Couture and questionable accusations to a certain Vogue master about how colours should be treated in fashion magazines (Franca, ti vogliamo bene lo stesso!), I happen to find this fashion editorial quite similar to my state of mind.

It has been cold as hell in Berlin as well as, oh, so white-snowy-ish. And despite of my truly intentional wills to wear something colourful, all of my black and navy pieces seem to absorb me every time I have to go out.

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Detuning Anne Gorke FW14

Anne Gorke Backstage

Lights are down in the room while just one massive, loud pink spotlight flashes up the runway of Anne Gorke‘s Fall/Winter 2014 Collection. We have been given some very fancy earplugs because two guys wearing baseball caps are almost ready to play drums in the front row.

We are about to watch a highly addictive display of attitude that, in perfect harmony with the clothing and some serious badass beats, will get us screaming YO MADAME for the rest of the day. But we don’t know this yet.

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